What type of material is best suited for your deck flooring: wood, composite or polymer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of iron, aluminum and composite railings? What colors work best with your home? We’ll help you answer these questions and more.

Composite Deck with White Trim

Our most popular design: composite decking, powder-coated iron railings and white accents. The ideal combination of aesthetic appeal, low maintenance and reasonable price.

Pine Deck with Cedar Stain

We love to build classic wood decks. However, it’s important that you have proper expectations about appearance and maintenance. Under the right circumstances, wood can be a solid choice.

Wood-Composite Hybrid Deck

We offer several wood-composite designs that reduce maintenance and fit the budget. Adding an entry-level composite deck to a wood deck generally costs $400 and includes a 25-year warranty.

Composite Deck with Brown Trim

One way to achieve a natural look without the maintenance of wood is through a dark composite finish. This costs slightly more than white and creates a unique space that blends in with nature.

Composite Deck with Grey Floor

If you want a more contemporary look, you can achieve that without breaking the bank. In fact, some materials deliver cleaner lines at a lower cost. There are also upgrades to consider and we will make sure you choose wisely.

Polymer Flooring with Aluminum Cable Rail

The deck of the future is here today. Polymer floors come in three widths, are 30% cooler in the sun and carry a 50-year warranty. The current generation of aluminum cable railing is beautiful and worry-free.

Underside Finishing from Simple to Sublime

Most people leave the underside of their deck as natural wood. This saves money and draws the eye up to the deck itself. We will explain your options ranging from basic painting to a full-blown living space below your deck.