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Residential Cleaning Services

Let us help you prevent health problems by going up against harmful germs, bacteria and other microbes being hosted in hard to reach spaces.

The routine cleaning of the house is thorough. We deep clean and remove all accumulated dirt and grime. We clean your home quickly and thoroughly with less time and money. Your house is completely cleaned, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and all the living areas. Our cleaning staff shine, clean, dusts off, disinfect and straighten the appearance of all the rooms. We understand that each home is different and we listen to your unique needs and offer a specific cleaning solution.

We can come with the frequency you want, either once a month, once a week or six days a week. We clean around your schedule. Imagine this: your kitchen, bathrooms and floors are bright, your shelves are free of dust and you can sit down and breathe easy because your home is spot clean!

Residential Services – Better Choice Services

Our Cleaning Services

House cleaning services
Apartment cleaning
Office Cleaning
Waste disposal
Power and window washing
Cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms
Entrances and hallways
Sanitation programs
Building maintenance
Maintenance and cleaning of hard surface floors
Cleaning of ovens and refrigerators (additional cost)

Our Construction Services

Trex Material Decks
Remodeling Decks
Power Washing
Vinyl Fences
Wood Fences
Interior and Exterior Painting
Power Wash
Basement Framing
Hardwood Flooring

Ready to book your cleaning service?
Schedule a Free Cleaning Estimate Today! We are always willing to listen to your needs and perform any task.

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